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New members for the Pure family: Perfume-free facial care

Great news for all sensitive skin types and lovers of perfume-free care: our extra mild Pure care series is now also available for the face. Without perfume and essential oils, but with full active ingredient power, the facial care series is launching with five products. In addition to three face creams, from light to rich, the series is complemented by a facial serum and a facial oil. Depending on skin type, season or daily condition, everyone can put together their optimal face care routine. The sensitive facial skin is optimally supplied with valuable active ingredients such as soothing cherimoya extract, squalane obtained from olives and regenerating ectoine.



Ohne Alkohol

No alcohol



Super fruit and power ingredient:
The Cherimoya

Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, cherimoya is known as the superfruit of the Incas. It supports the immune system and reduces inflammation. In the Speick Pure facial care series, the fruit of the annon bush is used as a special upcycling ingredient. As a component of skin care, there are various positive effects:

  • strengthens and has a calming effect
  • protects against itching and redness
  • supports a reduction in skin sensitivity

Upcycling process

The cherimoya extract is obtained in an upcycling process. Fruits that are damaged or overripe are sorted out in the food industry and no longer offered for consumption. These supposed waste products are recycled and used to produce the cherimoya extract. In collaboration with local farmers from Spain, sustainable and environmentally conscious extraction of active ingredients is supported.


The most important ingredients of Speick Pure facial care

Organic aloe vera gel

An excellent moisturizer with soothing and nourishing properties.

Contained in: Pure Face Creams, Pure Deep Hydration Serum


Squalane is a skin-related component. The oil is particularly well absorbed into the skin and gives the skin a silky feeling without being greasy. By strengthening the hydro-lipid film, it ensures that the skin does not dry out and moisture is retained. Squalane is obtained from olives, non-comedogenic and considered non-irritating. Naturally ensures a healthy skin barrier.

Contained in: Pure Face Creams, Pure Balancing Face Oil

Cherimoya extract

Known as the super fruit of the Incas, the fruit of the annon bush strengthens the skin and has a calming effect. The extract protects against itching and redness and reduces skin sensitivity. The cherimoya extract also has a CBD-like effect and supports the skin in adapting to internal and external influences and remaining in balance.

Contained in: Pure Face Creams, Pure Deep Hydration Serum


The amino acid derivative is produced by microorganisms for survival self-protection in hostile environments (salt lakes, hot springs, deserts). It protects the cells from damage caused by external environmental influences and UV radiation, increases skin moisture, soothes irritated skin and regenerates environmentally stressed skin. Anti-blue light active ingredient.

Contained in: Pure Deep Hydration Serum

Organic Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is known for its nourishing properties. It protects against drying out, but is non-comedogenic and does not form a greasy film on the skin. With a high proportion of eicosenoic acid, jojoba oil nourishes the skin and gives it noticeably more elasticity and tone. Vitamin A supports the skin's resistance, vitamin E has an antioxidant effect. The multi-talent also protects against free radicals and stabilizes the skin's natural barrier function.

Contained in: Pure Balancing Face Oil

Fair traded argan oil

The light oil is non-comedogenic, integrates easily into the skin barrier and thus supports skin moisture and prevents it from drying out. The organic argan oil is skin-soothing and anti-inflammatory and also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.

Contained in: Pure Balancing Face Oil

essential fatty acids (vitamin F)

Essential fatty acids from thistle protect and revitalize the skin. They optimize the lipid balance and ensure an intact skin barrier. This reduces transepidermal water loss and increases both skin hydration and skin smoothness.

Contained in: Pure face creams


The extract from the Speick plant is used worldwide exclusively in Speick Naturkosmetik products. The Speick plant is harvested by hand and in biologically regulated wild harvesting in the Carinthian Nockberge and processed by Speick Naturkosmetik. Centuries ago, Speick was said to have a calming effect on the central nervous system and at the same time stimulating and harmonizing the autonomic nervous system. The Speick relaxes without making you tired - and at the same time invigorates the body and mind.

Contained in: Pure Face Creams, Pure Deep Hydration Serum, Pure Balancing Face Oil

Pure products for body and hair

Pure Pflegeprodukte für Körper und Haare

Gentle products from the Speick Pure series are the gentlest choice for hair and body care. Completely without alcohol or perfume, but with plant-based care ingredients. Shampoo and conditioner care for hair and sensitive scalp, shower gel and deodorant refresh and pamper the skin with an active complex. The Pure Refill Deo Stick provides a plastic-saving alternative, with which the empty Deo Stick case can be refilled at home.

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